Upgrade to Pro

Upgrade to Pro

Help fund the development of WooCommerce POS

If you like the direction WooCommerce POS is headed, please consider supporting the project by upgrading to Pro. Many hundreds of hours have been spent to get the plugin to version 0.4 and we still have a lot of features to complete before we reach version 1.0.

By upgrading to Pro you will be helping to fund the ongoing development and support of WooCommerce POS.

If you’re unable to support the project financially – don’t worry – a free version of the plugin will always be available via WordPress.org and the base code will always be open-source on GitHub.

WooCommerce POS WooCommerce POS Pro
Fast Product Search
Products are stored locally for super fast product searches.
Barcode Scanning
Use the barcode hotkey to switch between barcode and normal search.
POS Only Products
Designate products as POS Only or Online Only.
Edit Cart Items
Change product title, price and tax rate on the fly.
Add Shipping
Add shipping, choose method and set tax rate.
Add Fees
Add fees and choose a tax rate.
Add Customers
Add new customers during checkout.
Park Carts
Serve multiple customers at the same time.
Payment Gateways
Use any installed WooCommerce gateway.
Product Stocktake
Quickly adjust product inventory, titles and price.
Customer Relationship Management
Quickly update customer details and view previous order information.
POS vs Online, Sales by cashier, Sales by store, Sales by payment method
Create multiple stores with multiple tax rates and custom receipts
Priority Support
available at WordPress.org
$US 129
Single site license.
Includes 1 year of upgrades and support.
Upgrade to Pro